Linguist Validation Translation Company


Linguist Validation Translation Service is an organization serving clients across the country. With a strong commitment towards quality services, they have successfully served clients in the North, South, East, and West regions of India. They are proficient with English as a Second Language (ESL) and also offer other language facilities such as International Business Processing (IBP), Offshore processing, Tele-calling, Internet Telephone Translation, Computerized Oral Reception System (COPAS), Computerized Transcription, Computerized Auditory Presentation, etc.

They have a skilled team of language experts who conduct Grammar Based Quality Assessments (GQA) and linguistic validation services, which include professional analysis of documents, including company and project documents, brochures, manuals, brochures, presentations, manuals, newsletters, pamphlets, and business documents. The goal of the service is to verify and validate the accuracy and validity of documents provided by project managers and/or team members. Their goal is to build a stellar linguistic and mythological culture that would ensure that translation, interpretation, communication, documentation, training, etc., would be accurate and consistent.

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