Is Dermaplaning In Orlando Right For You?


Dermaplaning Orlando is a procedure a certified dermatologist performs that removes the top layers of your skin. The dermatologist will first ask if you are a candidate for dermaplaning. They will check for contra indicators: you use Retin-A, you have acne, you have open wounds, you’re on blood thinners, you have lupus, or you are a hemophiliac. If you fall into any one of those categories, dermaplaning might not be for you.

First, your face is cleaned and dried. Next, a solution of 70% alcohol is applied to your face and they may choose to use acetone. Finally, a sterile number 10 blade is used to remove the dead skin cells.

The blade is applied at a 45-degree angle to move with feather-like motions along the skin’s surface. Dead skin cells and fine hairs will be removed. Dermaplaning should never be done beneath the eyes, on the nose and no closer than a finger’s width above the eyebrows.

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