Installing Products Of Fusion Partitions


A wide range of partition solutions are available from Fusion Partitions. It offers glazed partitioning that reduces the noise level significantly. The glasses can be clear, ultra clear, opaque or with semi-visibility. The unique and innovative products are available for different partitioning applications. Both single and double glazed systems in different specifications can be found. These products have been tested extensively in the laboratory for their various properties including sound absorption, toughness, clarity, temperature sensitivity, fire protection and others.

The fire rated partitioning systems meet high level of fire protection requirements. Special acoustic glass doors are available to improve the sound barrier effect. All such doors can be installed with hinged or pivoted system. The leading commercial partitioning supplier meets high level of service quality expectations. Its technical team first evaluates the project thoroughly to understand the specific needs and budget of the customer. You will receive a tailor-made solution based on the specifications of your project and preferences.

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