How to make your workplace positive

How to make your workplace positive

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Having the correct motivation in a workplace is imperative to productivity. Supporting your workers by encouraging positive vibes, and creating a relaxed, creative space for them to work in will produce wonders that you’ve never noticed before.

The first step is creating a pleasant environment for your employees to enjoy while they’re working their 9 to 5 day. Staring at a blank wall for 8 hours isn’t likely to give anyone a creative boost, but incorporating vibrant, stylistic choices into your office space will. Adding some life to your workplace is paramount to happy workers.

Adding art to your office doesn’t just mean adding framed artwork on the walls. Think bigger, and let your creative spirit roam. Try an aesthetically pleasing plant, combined with desk plants, for a natural look. Plant pots don’t need to be plain, you could let your workers paint them, or commission some beautiful pieces to re-pot other plants into.

On the note of artwork, though framed pieces are classic, unless they can be clearly seen from your employees’ desks, they won’t be as inspiring as an image they can see. Don’t be afraid to fill up large portions of the wall space with an awe-inspiring art piece. There’s nothing wrong with either traditional or more modern pieces. You can choose abstract over historical, and as long as the piece fits in with your office theme, it won’t look out of place.

Your artistic choices will strengthen the connection you have with your team, particularly if you include them in any decisions you need to make. A thoughtful, well-decorated workplace will provide a nice place for your employees to spend their time, and it will make them feel like you care about them enough to make those changes. Getting your workers involved in the decorating process will make them feel like they have more control over their space, and their day, than they usually do. The standard full-time worker spends around 40 hours in their workplace.

Art doesn’t stop with the work on the walls, or the decorations that you add to the office. Most offices start out with white walls, but there’s no real reason for that. Think about painting the walls of your office, adding in fun designs, or choosing bright, pleasing colours. Make sure everything complements other office features. Once you have a theme, stick to it, and you’ll watch your office come alive.

All of these elements can easily create a more positive work environment. The right colour combinations and features could be calming to your workers in a high-stress environment. Get their input, and you’ll help reduce their stress levels, while creating a space that will look much better than it ever did before. You’ll be able to show your employees that you value them, and make a good impression on visiting clients and other managerial staff, who will see a much more productive and happy workforce than they would have seen in other offices where there is no creative input.

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