How to Check If You Have a Valid Brain Injury Claim


Making a claim is a method to pay for the care and support you’ll need as well as offset the loss of earning potential you or a loved one may be experiencing as a result of a brain injury. Oaks Law Firm: Brain Injury Attorneys can assist even if the individual who has been wounded lacks the mental capacity to file a claim on their own. Their knowledgeable staff will thoroughly explain all of your alternatives. Your attorney would understand your requirements, and have a track record of success in complex, high-value brain injury compensation claims where others have failed.

Who can file a claim for a brain injury?

You may be entitled to seek compensation if your head injury was caused by the negligence of another person or organisation. This is true whether they are entirely or partially to blame for your damage. We routinely assist persons who have been wounded in the following types of incidents: car accidents, workplace accidents, public place accidents, medical malpractice, and criminal assault.

A severe brain injury frequently results in the loss of mental capacity to file a claim on one’s own behalf. We may be able to assist you in filing a claim on behalf of a loved one who has suffered a brain injury.

How to check if you have a valid brain injury claim?

When it comes to brain injury compensation claims, each circumstance is unique. Skilled lawyers who specialise on brain injury claims can help you identify your rights quickly and efficiently as one of the largest personal injury litigation firms in the country. Lawyers must generally prove the following in order for a brain injury compensation claim to be successful:

  • Someone, a company, or a facility was irresponsible.
  • As a result of this irresponsibility, you have suffered.
  • In the future, you will continue to suffer.

Consult your brain injury lawyer to understand your rights moving ahead and to assist you understand exactly what you can be reimbursed. In most circumstances, the compensation is paid by the insurance company of the person or company who is liable for the irresponsible act. In most cases, the person or company will not pay out of pocket. Everything will be handled by their insurance provider. Your brain injury attorney can help you file a lawsuit and to determine the compensation that you may be liable to be paid by the hospital.

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