How To Become A Podiatry Harkness Professional


In order to become a podiatry Harkness specialist, a person must attend a podiatry school, usually at a university or community college. After completing the degree program, he or she must pass the board certification exam for podiatry from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). This exam measures a person’s knowledge of the most basic facts about the foot and ankle, including its structures, parts, and functions. After passing the board certification exam, a podiatry school graduate will then undergo additional training, usually in a part of the world that is near his or her future profession. This usually takes between one and three years and can sometimes be done on a part-time basis while working at a job. Podiatry schools are typically found in colleges or universities, although some offer their programs online.

A handful of colleges and universities also offer a certificate program in podiatry after a year of studies, which is good training if one is not interested in becoming a full-time practicing podiatrist.

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