Horizon Treadmill Options For Home Gyms


With people hesitant to go back to their gyms, many are building their own small fitness nook in their home. Consider adding a Horizon treadmill in this if you have the space for it. Most of these have a folding mechanism so you can reduce their footprint when not in use. You can be assured of high quality and excellent features.

There are treadmills for runners of all levels. Whether you are running to shed weight or aiming to quality for elite races, you will find a model that fits your needs. Go for the smaller units if you are a novice who is still feeling your way into the runner’s lifestyle. Opt for the larger units if you want a wider and longer running surface to go with higher maximum speeds and bigger incline angles.

New treadmills usually have Bluetooth speakers to keep you motivated with music. Some can even play streaming cardio classes so that you can follow along.

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