Hiring A Marquee For Your Big Day

Hiring A Marquee For Your Big Day

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Outdoor weddings are a popular option for many couples, and if you don’t entirely trust the weather, wedding marquee hire is useful. Hiring a marquee gives you plenty of indoor space to hold the ceremony or reception; it also gives you a space for the catering or for people to get changed. Marquees are available in many different designs and sizes, and the largest can comfortably hold several hundred guests. And there’s no need to worry about putting up the marquee or taking it down afterwards, as the company will do that for you. You may also be surprised just how attractive and functional today’s marquees are, with secure flooring, ventilation and decorative features. Hiring a marquee can make a big difference, whether it’s protecting you from the rain or sun, or whether to accommodate those extra guests that just had to be invited.

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