Heart Eye Contacts For Crazy Parties

Heart Eye Contacts For Crazy Parties

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Do you want to make a big fashion statement when attending your next private party? Take a look at the queen of hearts contacts. These lenses have the classic love heart feature in the red color. The design covers the area around the pupil. The white background accentuates the red color and covers the natural eye color. Heart eye contacts are great for Halloween and other crazy events. Create a different look with the help of these lenses and some special dresses and accessories.

These lenses create the freaky look. The lenses are made with high quality materials. The contacts are comfortable to wear and safe to use. Just make sure you follow the storage and use instructions carefully. The heart contacts are soft, comfortable and light. Your eyes will remain hydrated because the lenses have up to 38% water content. The lenses are sold in a pair and come in sterile isotonic saline.

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