Guidelines To Install Save Wizard For Free


Save wizard is a software that allows the player to cheat on a saved game. The player will have an unlimited supply to character stats, ammo and money. Here is a guideline for installing save wizard for free.

Copy File

Copy your saved game from your play station to a flash drive and insert it to a computer. The Save Wizard program needs to be running before you insert the drive.

Register and Add Modifications

To register the game, double click then goes to the drop down and right-click. When you are done registering, you can now add modifications by double-clicking the game, right-click on the drop-down and select quick mode.

Load the Game

Remove the drive from the computer and insert it to the play station. Copy the game to the console, load it, and have fun.


This program provides users with a unique experience to gaming. It is a wise option for gamers worldwide.

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