Growing Your Hong Kong Business: Tips for Hiring Good Employees

Growing Your Hong Kong Business: Tips for Hiring Good Employees

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Once you register a business in Hong Kong, it can only start functioning when you bring on board employees. For example, a telecom business might need to have technicians, supervisors, and front office staff. In this post, we will tell you the pro tips to help you hire the best staff.

Understand Your Business Needs

 Even before you can set off hiring for your Hong Kong company, it is important to understand your business needs. The goal is to ensure that every staff you bring on board will be a force that the company can use to move forward. For example, a value addition company handling foodstuffs should work with employees who understand the process well.

To ensure that every employee helps your business to grow, make sure to clearly define every position’s job profile. Think about the duties and roles of a cashier, supervisor, a parking line attendant, or customer support, and come up with a profile. If you find it challenging to develop the job profile for different positions, consider working with an expert agency.

Treat Candidates as Your Customers

Whether you are running in-person interviews or phone screening, your potential candidate’s impression of the company is paramount. Here, the secret is ensuring to go beyond academic qualifications to ensure that only the most qualified and committed people get employed. So, here are the main traits to look for.

  • Enthusiasm about getting into your company and helping it move to the next step.
  • Ability to work as a team with other employees in the company.
  • Innovativeness to help improve the product or service being offered by your company.

Use Employee Referral Program

One fact about great people is that they usually surround themselves with highly capable personalities. So, if you already have a few top-notch employees, you can ask them for referrals to equally qualified people.  To make the employee referrals more effective, consider providing some incentives.

Note that even with staff referrals, you still need to run comprehensive background checks to confirm that the candidates are suited for the vacant positions.

Consider Past Candidates

This is another highly effective method of recruiting qualified employees to your Hong Kong company.

When you advertise for a job position in your company, you receive tens or hundreds of applications, but most applicants are declined because you only want one person. Because most of those who were turned down still had the right qualifications and only missed the opportunity narrowly, you should consider them when there are more vacancies.

Work with an Agency

You will agree with us that the process of recruiting employees can be tough, especially for a foreign company trying to build its brand in a foreign jurisdiction. Instead of trying to pick the candidates on your own, consider working with an agency.

The best idea for working with an agency is to bring it on board as early as possible during your company establishment. Contact us today, and our experts are ready to help you register your company, serve as your company secretary, and recruiting top-notch staff.

When you register a company in Hong Kong, its success will largely depend on the employees you bring on board. Remember to progressively review your staff performance, motivate the employees and ensure their production is optimized for better results.

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