Global Trade Monitoring Using Smart Trade Tracking


Smart Trade tracking is a software tool to help manufacturers, importers, and exporters track their global trade transactions. Smart Trade follows all the financial details associated with each transaction made between you and your foreign supplier. Every business transaction you make can be tracked, from the currency, you pay your bills to the vehicles you use to transport your goods. The system provides a comprehensive view of all your transactions, including export and import costs and other charges you might not otherwise be able to calculate. With detailed export-import performance reports, you can identify major potential damage areas and resolve them before any damage is done.

Smart Trade is completely compatible with Microsoft Outlook as well as Mac OS X systems. Installation is quick and easy – a guide walks you through the process in minutes. Once installed, your system will continue to monitor all your global trade activities, even when you’re away from the office. You don’t have to worry about stopping work to log in periodically. You can log in from any location.

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