Global Goals For A Better World


Sustainable development goals help in the protection of the planet. They also focus on ending poverty. Besides, they promote prosperity and peace around the world. Here are things worth reading about global goals.

Who Began Global Goals

This project was born at a United Nations conference in Rio de Janeiro in 2012. The aim was to meet universal goals that address economic, political, and environmental challenges.

Some Global Goals

There are 17 sustainable development goals that people should know. Some include zero hunger, no poverty, and good health. Gender equality, quality education, and clean water are some of these goals people should know.

Are Global Goals Important?

Well, people should understand that these goals are essential. They bring equality, increase resources, and protect the environment.


If you have never heard of global goals, you should read about them. Then, catch up with the rest of the world to make these goals a reality.

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