Gastric Bypass Surgery Helps The Obese To Lose Weight


A surgical method to treat morbid obesity has led to weight loss for people having a body mass index greater than 40. Gastric surgery Sydney doctors use a gastric bypass as one of the methods in bariatric surgery that is becoming increasingly accepted as a form of treatment for the obese.

In this surgery, a small pouch is created in the stomach that will be a very small volume of the normal 400ml content of normal stomachs. The stomach is partitioned leading to a total division that ensures that the two parts never heal back together. The gastrointestinal tract leading out of the stomach is connected to both the divided parts to allow for their drainage.

One result of this gastric bypass surgery is that the food that is ingested is only allowed to go into the smaller part of the reconstructed stomach, and it is this reduction in food that leads to the dramatic loss of weight and consequent health benefits.

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