Finding A Wedding Celebrant Cost


In Australia, a preacher or master of ceremonies who joins a couple in matrimony is frequently known as a celebrant. Especially when this service is commercially provided, it can be a bit costly and a significant piece of the wedding budget. It pays to know who the available celebrants are in an area, what their costs and ratings tend to be. Visit a website that collects such data so that your family can see what is the exact wedding celebrant cost for a type of ceremony.

As a general rule, commercial celebrants charge $75 per hour or more. The good news is that since a ceremony is not likely to last for longer than an hour, this can be a reasonable fee. Instead, a celebrant might offer a package deal, and so it pays to know the price tag for the entire package as well as its contents. Finding a place to compare celebrants can save money or find exactly what a family is looking for.

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