Facilities To Expect At Akumal Apartment Rentals


Are you looking for an affordable rental house in Akumal for your holiday stay? Staying at a hotel or resort can be expensive. The option of Akumal apartment rentals works better. An apartment house has all the features and facilities you need to stay comfortably in this area without paying high. All popular locations are easily accessible from the apartment location. The cost can be as low as $150/night. A condo can be rented for 2-5 guests. If you have a kid or pet, check the rental terms carefully with the house manager. Some places allow the child but not the pets while a few restrict their accommodation only to adults.

The apartment is located close to the beach. Enjoy the beach view from your private balcony. The whole area is clean, fresh and bright. The condo can accommodate up to 5 people. You get access to a kitchen equipped with microwave, coffee maker, fridge and other appliances. This way you can prepare your meals, snacks and drinks. Enjoy your meals in the dining area with seating facility for five people.

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