Exclusive Eco Friendly Consultancy

Exclusive Eco Friendly Consultancy

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Eco Friendly Consultancy offers many professional development and management programs intending to enhance the green economy.

Eco-Friendly consultancy diversifies into other areas, such as sustainable development and corporate responsibility, as well as future strategic directions. If this is achieved, it will create an increased pool of consultants for companies and businesses that wish to develop environmentally friendly projects in line with the government’s policy objectives. These consultants can then help design projects that will benefit communities, local businesses, and suppliers while providing the necessary skills and knowledge base for these projects. It is hoped that this will help redress some of the imbalance between companies promoting environmentally friendly goods and services and businesses that are not. These services work in the ambit of the Code of Conduct for Environmental Consultants, which sets out the obligations of the consultant and his or her company to ensure that they provide advice in line with the regulatory requirements for professional conduct.

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