Don’t miss out on a Puppy Tail 

Don’t miss out on a Puppy Tail 

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Even if your bone is buried in some puppy ass, your pup can still raise his head high and be counted—thanks to our puppy tail collection. At fetish parties, you will throw forward your pup pride as you become the center of attention.

We’re lovers of pup-tails, and seeing them jumping around from behind gives great joy. But we also understand that not all pups want to be “plugged,” mainly when they go to a bar.

With the perfect puppy tail at your disposal, your pup should embrace it wholeheartedly. And that is where we come in.

Puppy tails are great for your human pet. Never neglect or go for  low-quality products; trust me, you’ll end up regretting it.

You can do the best thing for yourself, and your pup—look out for the best puppy tail in town or the one that best suits you. You’ll be happy you got great value for money.

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