Different Types Of Chlorine For Pools


One of the biggest problems that can come up is cleaning up the salt content in the pool. This is a big concern because the higher the salt content, the more chlorine is needed to kill the bacteria and other microorganisms causing the problem. The best way to solve this problem is by adding a salt concentration of a certain level to the pool water. There are different types of chlorine for pools that you can use for this purpose. It all depends on what type of pool you are running and how many people will use it.

One of the most popular types of chlorinators used today is the electrolyte cell. This special device has a small collector that will catch the excess salt in the water as it converts it to chlorine gas. It is easy to operate and will not cause any blockage due to its size. You will have to monitor the levels in the pools every few days to make sure that the salt level is still reasonable but no higher than what your body can handle safely.

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