Different Salesforce GitHub Solutions For The Developers


GitHub is the most widely used online collaborative platform by the software developers. They use it to post their codes and work with other developers. It offers a wide range of tools and features for these tasks. Salesforce developers use it extensively. It is important to know that GitHub is different from the Git which is limited to keeping track of changes made to a project. A variety of Salesforce GitHub solutions are available.

SalesforceLabs is one popular platform at GitHub. It has lots of repositories. Salesforce itself offers GitHub Actions to automate and simplify the common tasks associated with the repositories. You can use the Actions for jobs creation and workflow customization. Create, customize and share Actions with your developer community. It is not code task specific and can be used when issues are reported and a new package is released. The company also offers GitHub Workflow where you can try new ideas without affecting a project. Make commits, open the pull requests and collaborate. Check all such options when working on this popular CRM program.

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