Different Home Decor Styles


Home decor styles range from country to contemporary, inside and outside. Have you ever wondered about the differences between the South’s house designs and those of other states?

All homes are very distinctive and have their own special characteristics unique to them. One of the most popular houses design styles is shabby chic, which combines French provincial elements with a southern twist. Have you ever noticed that most furniture and decor in shabby chic are made of wood? No matter what type of house style you have in mind, it can be easily implemented into your home by using various decor styles.

Rustic elements and shabby chic furniture go hand in hand. The natural materials of cedar and pine add a rustic feel to any house decor style. A popular modern interior style is the eclectic shabby chic style, which mixes eclectic pieces of furniture with older antique pieces to create a more rustic theme.

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