Diamonds on Hallyu Stars

Diamonds on Hallyu Stars

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The Korean Wave or when translated, as many fans call it, Hallyu refers to South Korea’s worldwide popularity in pop culture, music, entertainment, dramas and movies.  The rise of Korean cultural economy has tripled over the pandemic compared to the past few years. From TV dramas down to their music, it is a fact that Hallyu has been on high tide this 2020.

One of the many influences the culture had bestowed upon people is fashion sense. Fans around the world are always waiting on style tips whether from their favourite actors or in K-idol groups; and a huge feature to this is the thriving trend of jewelries. Hallyu stars have been seen in different set of diamonds in their dramas which inevitably added the hype for luxury type style and dainty pieces of stone to complete one’s outfit. Here are some stars that had showcased elegant diamonds that are loved by many:

  1. Chaumet Jeux de Liens Diamond Stud Earrings worn by Son Ye Jin

A lot of Korean dramas have surfaced throughout this pandemic era and almost all of them were loved by local and international fans. One of these is the hit series Crash Landing on You which garnered such overwhelming attention when it was released in Netflix last December 2019. The series then caused a lot of influential trends and style due to the beloved main character Yoon Se Ri, played by actess Son Ye Jin. The actress had worn a diamond-stud earring worth $1980 in one of the episodes.

  1. Boucheron Plume de Paon Diamond Ear clips worn by Jung Eun Chae

In addition to the Netflix Korean Drama saga, the series The King: Eternal Monarch which was acknowledged as actor Lee Min Ho’s comeback to the big screen was also one of this year’s Hallyu highlights. The character Goo Seo Ryung, played by actress Jung Eun Chae wore a set of two rose-cut diamonds in pink gold worth a whopping $17,200 in one of the episodes. Truly, playing as the prime minister of the Kingdom of Corea comes with such a hefty price.

  1. Tiffany & Co. Tiffany T Collection worn by Kim Da Mi

No one could forget one of the most successful dramas released on the last quarter of the year that had such influential cast. Itaewon Class lead by actor Park Seo Jun and actress Kim Da Mi unravels such realistic and relatable plot as it showcases grief turned to revenge and persistence to love. Jo Yi Seo, played by Kim Da Mi, was spotted wearing Tiffany & Co’s Tiffany T Necklace collection accented with small diamonds worth $850 each.

  1. Citigems J.Estina Luce Helio Necklace worn by Song Hye Kyo

Without a doubt, when Korean dramas are the topic of the conversation, one hit series may be mentioned way too many times. The popular military drama that contributed to a worldwide empire, The Descendants of the Sun did not come with empty pockets. Song Hye Kyo wore an enhance replica of J.Estina Luce Helio Necklace created by Korean celebrity jewellery designer Bjoon Kim. This $438 rose-gold pendant was embellished with 18 small diamonds weighing 0.18 carats in total.

Due to the rising wave of Korean cultural economy all around the world, it is guaranteed that the country’s influence serves as a standard for a large scale of population. This is why diamonds have been trending throughout the year apart from its history of being a luxury must-have. With these extravagant items being marketed by one of the most influential nations, it is possible that the jewellery industry will grow beyond expectations.

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