DChained can Clear the Confusion

DChained can Clear the Confusion

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Bitcoin? A What?

From the perspective of a freshly-graduated college student, during the 2020 pandemic, investing  seems like a way to get leverage on the current messy stock market. I didn’t have much experience with investing in general, so trying to understand cryptocurrency was like trying to decipher a foreign language being spoken underwater.

Here’s the thing with Bitcoins and Blockchains: The concept is so abstract that they  often come across like some Blade Runner-esque idea. For example, did you know that SpaceChain did a Bitcoin transaction on the International Space Station about a month ago? Who knows, one day our money could very well be bouncing from planet to planet just so you can order that Starbucks drink!

The Solution

Even the so-called “easy to understand” infographics and colorful website articles didn’t clear up the mystery of crypto mining for me, and I know plenty others who felt the same.

What finally cleared the crypto cloud for me was DChained.  I can finally say I understand what in the world a blockchain is and how it makes transactions happen. This website offers extremely valuable information for the clueless investor, like my past self. For once, I don’t have to sift through densely written articles about investing in the crypto market. DChained sends daily newsletters and even offers email courses in everything from Bitcoin to Ethereum (Don’t even get me started on the ins and outs of Ether).

DChained founder, Edmund McCormack, understands that financial literacy is important, especially during a pandemic. The world is constantly changing, and each generation has a different view of the economy. One thing is certain: Crypto is an answer. Subscribing to DChained gave me access to crypto market alerts, and confidence that I am putting my money where it should be. The most important thing that DChained can do is answer questions clearly. No more scrolling through article after article. No more cross-checking market experts’ advice. DChained solves the problem.

If you want to finally be on top of your financial decisions and understand the markets that move your money, subscribe to DChained and relax. And, if you’re like me, get some more education under your belt. We seamlessly grasp new-age concepts like Venmo and TikTok, why not capitalize on the rise of cryptocurrency? Check out DChained today.

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