Control Panties Perfects The Silhouette

Control Panties Perfects The Silhouette

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Having a bulge at the top of pants or in a favorite dress, also called muffin top, can be embarrassing and negatively affect self esteem. One does not have to be overweight for this to happen either. Rather than resort to baggy clothes and unattractive apparel, many women are opting for control panties. This type of garment can be worn with just about anything and works to smooth problem areas. Contrary to popular belief, these types of garments do not have to be uncomfortable. While earlier versions of these undergarments were, the modern versions are not. Many are created from breathable fabrics and the materials do not roll down, pinching the skin. When the proper size and garment is chosen, this type of item is not noticeable under clothing. It is possible to feel comfortable and look great with this type of product.

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