Choosing Rustic Timber Floating Shelves

Choosing Rustic Timber Floating Shelves

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Rustic timber floating shelves are an ideal addition to any log cabin or home. However, as with all timber products, the most important aspect of choosing rustic timber floating shelves is that they are right for you. There are indeed many lovely designs and lovely colors and grains of wood floating shelves, but many others will not work for you and your environment.

As with any other product, you need to consider your lifestyle and other factors, such as the amount of space you have available. Are you seeking shelves for a small apartment? Perhaps you have enough room but want a lot of storage? Smaller apartments often require a few larger shelves, while a larger home will allow you more freedom and creativity with the size of the shelves you choose. If you live in an RV or a boat, consider how you intend to transport the shelves and how stable the boat’s stability is.

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