Chai Masala: Discover The Benefits And The Bests


A warm cup of organic chai masala is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the evening. It’s also an excellent drink for enjoying on cold winter nights.

Chai masala, which translates into “spiced tea,” is made with organic ingredients such as organic ginger, brown sugar, organic cloves, organic black pepper, and organic cinnamon sticks.

The combination of these spices makes for a delicious blend that will leave you wanting more!

Why is this tea so good?

The organic ingredients in organic chai masala tea are rich in antioxidants to help your body fight off diseases and infection. Antioxidants also promote healthy brain cells, so you feel more alert and energize.

A cup of chai masala is a great way to start the day or enjoy it after dinner.

What are the top brands of this tea?

There are plenty. Here are our favorites:

Chai Herbal Tea Organic

Frontier Co-op Chai Tea

Black Teac Chai Organic

How much does organic chai cost?

It can cost anywhere from $0.50 to about $20 per ounce, depending on the organic ingredients in your organic tea and how much you would like.

For a one-time purchase that will make enough for 12 cups of organic iced or hot tea, it should be around $15.

Organic ingredients are essential to focus on when looking for this tea at a store or online. They denote how much better it is for your health than non-organic alternatives that use artificial flavors and sweeteners.

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