Booking A Family Caravan Holiday

Booking A Family Caravan Holiday

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It’s easy to make caravan bookings online at sites both in the UK and abroad. Caravanning has always been popular since the first one was invented in the 19th century; it’s a fun and affordable way to enjoy a family vacation. Your first decision is probably where to go; caravan sites can be found all over the UK, from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, with many parks boasting picturesque coastal views. Abroad, France remains the most popular destination, although you can now book a caravan holiday almost anywhere in Europe. Choose your caravan with care; most of the major caravan site holiday companies maintain their caravans and replace aging ones with newer models regularly. If you’re travelling with your family, you’ll want to make sure everyone has enough space and some privacy, and a smaller caravan can seem quite cramped for a party of four.

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