Benefits Of Hemp Clothing

Benefits Of Hemp Clothing

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Many people consider hemp a miracle fiber because of its qualities. Consider the advantages of hemp clothing:

• Strong – clothing made from hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent; it also has three times the strength of cotton. This strong and long lasting plant was used as fiber more than 10,000 years ago.

• Weather Resistant – hemp is UV and mold-resistant making it excellent for outdoor wear.

• Versatile – hemp can be blended with other fibers to add various different qualities to the final textile; examples include hemp/silk and hemp/cotton blends.

• Cost-Effective –hemp is less expensive to farm because it has minimal requirements when growing. Hemp plants produce 5-10 tons per acre of cellulose fiber pulp in four months.

• Environmentally Friendly – hemp is very eco-friendly crop. It needs no pesticides to grow and requires very little water and it renews the soil during its growth cycle. It has long roots that prevent erosion and help retain topsoil.

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