Benefits Of A Stucco Exterior

Benefits Of A Stucco Exterior

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Stucco on the exterior of your home has several benefits, as a local stucco contractor will probably point out. Stucco has been used for home exteriors for at least 1,000 years, perhaps because it’s extremely durable and can retain its look for many years. Stucco is also fire resistant and can be applied easily to a wood or brick surface; it’s also easy to give it a more distinctive look by adding decorative features or small stones or adding color to the mix. It’s more affordable than other types of finish and is easy to maintain, another plus for busy homeowners. A cement-based stucco finish is resistant to insects and the finished surface won’t rot or develop fungus. And there’s no doubt that stucco just looks good too and can add not only curb appeal to your home but increase its value too.

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