Benefits of A Parenting Coordinator


Parenting coordinators help divorced couples resolve issues related to child custody and parenting. They understand the problems and help the couple reach an agreement, much like mediation. Parent coordinators are great for dispute resolution in family law matters. 

The best thing about a parent coordinator is that they never take sides. They are a neutral third party who tries to come up with a solution that is in everyone’s best interest. Their primary goal is to preserve the relationship between the parents for the sake of the child. However, if parent coordinators cannot help your situation, you may want to hire a Sandy domestic violence attorney

Benefits of a parenting coordinator

  • Improved long-term communication. 

A parenting coordinator is a neutral third party, providing a neutral environment for parents to discuss and resolve their child-related disputes. Therefore, they can help maintain a healthy mode of communication. They can ensure that the conversation does not drift off to someone that does not concern about the child-related issue. 

If the parents cannot come up with a solution, then the professional can help. Once they solve the issue, it will incentivize the parents to improve their communication. 

  • Save money. 

The cost of hiring a parent coordinator in Sandy is usually less than what you would pay to an attorney for taking your case to court. Moreover, this cost is divided between the parents. So, you only need to pay half of it. Therefore, the price of hiring a parenting coordinator is much less than what you and your ex-spouse would pay to your individual attorneys. 

  • Ensures the child’s best interests. 

With a parenting coordinator, there is never a winner or loser. The primary goal is to develop a plan that works best for the child rather than the parents. Even if an arrangement does not work well with the parents but does for the child, the parent coordinator may suggest you do it. Ultimately, your child is the winner, which should always be the case. 

  • Not confidential. 

Unlike mediation, where everything you say remains between you and the mediator, a session with a parenting coordinator is not confidential. The coordinator can be asked to give witness statements in court, and one cannot legally ask them to hide the facts. They can tell the judge what took place during the session and who said what. This gives the parents an incentive to act in good faith and work honestly for the welfare of their relationship and the child. 

Not every divorced couple can sit together and resolve child-related disputes. For them, there are many options, one of which is hiring a parenting coordinator. But, if that does not work for you either, you may need to hire a divorce attorney and let the judge decide. 

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