Baby Only Naps 30 Minutes

Baby Only Naps 30 Minutes

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Are you may a parent who complains that your baby only naps 30 minutes? Having a baby is a beautiful experience. However, parents usually face the issue of a baby taking short naps. So, what can you do to help your baby to sleep? Parents can set schedules for the baby, share duties with relatives and friends, and take cues when the baby wants to sleep. Firstly, parents have to work together and with family members to ensure that everyone follows feeding, bathing, and nap time schedules. Next, parents should ask family members, godparents, or friends to assist when they need to rest. When parents get assistance, they can relax or take care of household chores that they may have neglected. Also, pay attention to your baby’s cues so that you put them to nap when they can sleep longer. Babies will take short naps during their first months of life; therefore, parents have to set schedules, seek assistance, and monitor their baby’s cues for sleeping.

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