A Guide To FX White Label Partnerships And Marketing To Your Client Base


FX white solutions can offer all the benefits of having your in-house CRM (customer relationship management) system, including customer support and marketing opportunities. These CRM systems typically include everything from lead management to automated email and lookup services. With the addition of a good quality white-label platform, your brokers will have everything they need to engage with their clients directly via email and provide valuable information based on the customer’s profile and history. Your customers will appreciate being able to easily contact your broker or view all their past trades, which will allow you to fine-tune your overall service and meet your client’s needs.

While it does take some time and effort to build up a reputable reputation on the internet as an FX broker, it can lead to a long steady stream of profits if done right. If you are thinking about going this route with FX white label partners, establish a relationship with one or two potential clients first and then go forward from there.

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