A Brief On IOT Module


An IoT Device or IoT module is a tiny computerized device embedded in various things, machines, and items linked to various wireless networks and transmits and receives information wirelessly. Often called “RFID module,” “wireless module,” IoT chip,” the device has the same technology and functions as cell phones yet without the keyboard, touch screen, camera, or other more advanced features. For instance, an IoT network might be made up of a set of cameras or sensors connected via a Bluetooth connection to a tablet. The images or data collected by these sensors are then transmitted wirelessly to an application on the smartphone or tablet. When this data is received, the information can either be displayed on the phone’s screen or sent to an e-mail or other notification system.

There are many potential uses for the IoT. This technology has the potential to replace traditional switches, lighting, and alarm systems, and other elements of the home or office network.

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