A Brief On Integrated Listening Systems


The use of Integrated Listening Systems (also known as IPLs) has been growing in popularity ever since its inception. What exactly is an IPL? It’s short for an interconnecting component that allows multiple communication components to connect via the same Ethernet cable, enabling end-users to obtain real-time communication. They are typically used in the business world in the areas of VoIP (voice over internet protocol), satellite communications, and telephony. You see, with an IPL system, you can not only get your phone calls through to a desktop computer or laptop, but you can also have it connected to the Internet for Internet voice traffic.

So why should someone look into an IPL system? There are several significant reasons to use one of these communication systems: they are extremely flexible and configurable, you do not need to purchase or configure separate components of the system, they are much less expensive than traditional telephone systems, and you can get them installed anywhere. Some IPLs can even provide VoIP service from within the confines of the existing wired phone wiring system!

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