A Bit Of Background On The Tasting Vessel


The first tasting vessel started with a quaich, which was a little wooden cup. These types of glasses are used to taste Scotch Whisky and they continue to evolve.

Choosing a glass has become a very personal thing to do, as tasters do not want to be using a vessel that is not attractive. The shape and the size of the glass actually influence the flavor and aroma of the Whisky being tasted.

The slight changes that occur from the use of different types of glassware are rather fascinating. The everyday Joe will most likely not notice the difference, but for the Whisky enthusiast, the difference will be immediately noticeable.

Today, there are many choices available, but in the 16th century, they had only one choice. They started to make different types from the 17th century, making more options available to the many Whisky lovers that had previously only had one choice.

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