5 ways to help paralysis attack survivors recover faster


If a person gets a paralysis attack, it’s an emergency situation and the person should be immediately taken to the hospital. Paralysis Attack is nothing but the inability to move your body muscles. It can last for a few minutes to days depending on the type of paralysis attack. There are ways you can spot if somebody is getting a paralysis attack. If the person’s face is drooping, if there is weakness in arms and if she or he is having difficulty in speech, the person should be admitted to the hospital or taken to a doctor as soon as possible.

There are Various Types of Paralysis Attacks:

Complete Paralysis

Partial Paralysis

Localised Paralysis

Generalised Paralysis

There are Five Ways You Can Help a Paralysis Attack Survivor: 

Recognize the Symptoms for Paralysis Attack:

To help the patient recover faster you need to understand the symptoms of the paralysis attack. Taking preventive measures at the right time can help a lot in saving the life of the patient and recover fully from the attack. There is a great chance for a paralysis attack survivor to get the attack again. A good and healthy lifestyle along with the right medication can help paralysis attack survivor’s recovery time faster.

Regular Exercise:

The recovery process of a paralysis attack survivor is passive exercises. Leg exercises mentioned by the doctors are important to do and that’s because the legs become inactive and difficult to move after the attack.

Mental Practice:

In mental practice, you need not do the exercises physically. You have to just imagine the exercises in your head which means you need to visualize the exercises. Mental practice helps activate neuroplasticity and rewire the brain. Mental exercises go hand in hand with the normal exercises for the attack, which means you need to do both.

You Can Recover by Reducing the Stress and Inflammation:

Taking any kind of stress for a patient who had a paralysis attack is a strict no. You have to keep the stress at bay. The stress releases the stress hormone called cortisol which spreads in the entire body causing pH levels to become imbalanced with the acidity. The rise of cortisol results in high levels of acidity for a longer time and kills the good bacteria in the body. This further causes a rise in bad bacteria’s which then affects the immune system adversely. To prevent the rise of cortisol levels the patient needs to eat the right diet that should include yoghurt. The patient also needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle and practice yoga and meditation on the regular basis. This will help to balance the cortisol level and keep the stress away.

Always stay motivated:

After the stroke, the body can face lethargy which can be eradicated with regular exercises and good food along with medications prescribed by the doctor. You need to keep yourself up all the time to prevent paralysis from happening again.

The Bottom Line:

Paralysis attack survivors need to take special care of their health to prevent it from happening again. There are different types of paralysis attacks. Post-treatment of paralysis attack you can help the survivor recover by adopting a healthy and stress-free lifestyle along with the necessary medications. Having good health insurance takes off the burden of paying the hospital bills. You can now check the health insurance online on Finserv MARKETS.

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