3 Just Because Gifts In A Crazy World


2020 came in with promises… and then it just gave us endlessly anxiety. How rude.

In honor of comfort in weird times we bring you 3 gifts to bring joy in a crazy world…

Disney Shirts, who doesn’t love Toy Story? Winnie the Pooh? Peter Pan? Something about the classics just makes an uncertain time feel a little more comforting. We love the vintage styles but if you like something more modern… Disney Channel has plenty of hits for the newer generation.


Throwback! It may not be Facetime but fidgeting keeps your noggin busy and can help to ease both anxiety and ADD.

Surprise Candles

Have you seen them? Once they melt, you get a prize in the middle of the candle. That’s enough to wait on 2020 to melt down a little longer, right?

In these weird times… keep your head up. Better days are ahead.
Stay strong!

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