The Beauty Of Male Life Drawing

The Beauty Of Male Life Drawing

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The human body is generally beautiful. This can easily be said of both the male and the female body. Male life drawing will challenge you as you must learn to see the beauty in the masculine forms that lie before you. Like all artwork that was based on the male form, it’s a combination of femininity and masculinity that must be displayed in your final piece.

Man is after all born of woman, so you should anticipate melding the two viewpoints as you sculpt his lines and highlight his muscles with your pen, chalk, or pencil. As you draw his neck, shoulders, chest, and torso, you get the feel for the dynamics of masculine form. If you’re doing a nude, you may hesitate to look to see his privates, but art gives no reverence to body parts, it simply depicts what’s in nature.

The human body in its natural state is beautiful and it should be celebrated in every art form from sculpture to oil paintings and naturally in drawing.

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