Telemedicine Cart Reduce Manual Labor

Telemedicine Cart Reduce Manual Labor

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The Telemedicine Cart is a state-of-the-art medical cart that quickly replaces the traditional physician appointment scheduling and billing system n place for decades. This change in the medical practice is that patients prefer the on-demand access and flexibility offered by their preferred health care provider(s).

In the past, the scheduling of appointments has been more difficult due to the increased demands placed on physicians and staff members. Patients have to be in front of their computer monitors at all times, ready to listen to a long-winded speech from the physician. This leads to interruptions for patient care and makes it difficult for physicians to know when they have adequately covered all their areas of patient care. A telemedicine cart offers a simple solution to these problems. Physicians can now go into the practice with a full toolbox and simply touch a few buttons to instantly navigate the next area of care. Telemedicine Cart creates a “task light” that shows the patient’s care area’s entire map, so the physician does not need to physically move from one area of care to another.

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