Find A Forced Degradation Lab

Find A Forced Degradation Lab

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Forced degradation means that a substance, material, or entire product is subject to environmental conditions or exposure to chemicals in order to discover how it deteriorates and what by products are the result. For an ordinary consumer good, the goal is to test lifespan as well as any potential toxic effect to the breakdown of plastic or other material. When this is applied to chemicals, the exact quantity of byproducts is essential to prevent unexpected reactions and hazards.

Chemicals might split when exposed to other chemicals, but it is more common for chemicals to break down unexpectedly when exposed to something environmental such as radiation or heat. Longer chemical chains have the potential to break down more randomly and create unexpected byproducts. This is especially true of organic molecules or anything derived from petroleum. Safety is important when selling a product to humans, but industrial equipment can also be damage by unexpected byproducts. Find a qualified lab for your materials today.

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