4 Marketing Trends to Watch

4 Marketing Trends to Watch

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Creating an effective marketing campaign can be the difference between failure and success for any business. As people increasingly work and learn from home, the manner in which they can be effectively reached by companies is changing. Companies will need to utilize social media platforms, host virtual events and find creative ways to engage customers.

1. Social Media Platforms

Many businesses have some sort of presence on at least one social media platform. There are many social media websites available, and it is important that the correct one be chosen. Each platform attracts a different demographic, so companies should carefully evaluate the platforms they are on and determine if they are able to reach their target audience using those websites. Some experts, like Eyal Gutentag, recommend that remote workers limit their social media usage while at work in order to stay productive, so marketing teams should figure out what the best time is to schedule social media posts.

2. Virtual Events

Conferences and events can be excellent networking opportunities for both companies and consumers. A virtual event, no matter how well-executed, is not always ideal for fostering communication between attendees. However, they are still a great way for businesses to create memorable events, unveil new products and answer customer’s questions. Contests, raffles and charity fundraisers can all make for excellent virtual events that get and hold people’s attention.

3. Digital Communication

More people around the world gain reliable access to the internet every day. This makes it increasingly easy for companies to communicate with their customers through digital means. A savvy performance marketing leader can craft a campaign that involves email lists, social media posts and an easily navigated company website. Emails and social media posts should be informative and entertaining and entice customers to follow a link to the company website. Ideally, the website should encourage visitors to sign up for the email list, perhaps using coupons or special offers as an enticement.

4. Consumer Engagement

Most customers want to feel that they are being treated well by businesses. If consumers are ignored or treated badly by company representatives, they may take their business elsewhere, even if they have to pay more money at a competing company. Highly trained customer service representatives should assist clients using online chat programs, emails and phone calls.

Just as the advent of the digital age caused a big shift in the way businesses marketed to customers, the increase in remote workers and students is causing a change in marketing trends. Remaining flexible and finding new ways to communicate with customers can be an excellent way for a company to increase business.

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